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"Revival" - World Home Jazz Orchestra

For Your GRAMMY Awards® Consideration 

for the Best Instrumental Arrangement

Igor Kogan Jazz Orchestra

Igor Kogan Jazz Orchestra

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In a one-of-a-kind performance, seventeen top jazz musicians have come together from around the world, each playing their musical part from their homes while under quarantine. They represent seventeen countries, covering all continents – U.S.A., Canada, Brazil, United Kingdom, South Africa, Israel, Italy, Germany, France, Spain, Latvia, Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, China, Japan and Australia.


Together they perform an original and rousing big band musical piece called “REVIVAL”, composed and produced by bandleader Igor Kogan.


"Throughout this time, artists from so many genres - opera, pop, hip hop, dance music - have been lifting the world's spirits. Our jazz community has been inspired by them and have created this performance to express our gratitude to those on the frontline battling the COVID-19 global pandemic and to everyone who is staying at home and playing their part. We wish to bring positivity and hope to people around the world during this unprecedented international crisis". ~ Igor Kogan, composer, producer, musician.


This project was created to support a fundraising campaign towards the FRONTLINE RESPONDERS FUND (an outstanding organization that helps to provide frontline and medical workers with the masks, PPE, and essential supplies they need for their everyday battle with the global COVID-19 pandemicTo learn more about Frontline Responders Fund organization and to make a donation - 

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