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Jazz Quintet - Album Release 2020


​About the project:

I moved to the U.S. from Israel in 2011, completely changing my professional career and life course. For the past nine years living in New York and Los Angeles, I had a privilege to perform with many great artists and to compose/arrange music for commercial projects such as films, TV, Broadway shows etc... As much as it feels very fulfilling contributing your art and craft to other people's visions, it is important to every artist to develop their own voice. I've been constantly working on my own music throughout the years and now’s the time to release my first jazz album as a bandleader!

Music in this album reflects my personal journey for the past nine years, and I’m sure it will speak to many people, as we are all constantly moving in our lives, physically and emotionally, changing places, phases of lives and life perspectives… The music I chose to record is a variety of original compositions starting from the time living in New York and until the most recent music composed just a few months before the recording date. This recording features some of the great LA jazz musicians and a special guest nine-time Grammy Award nominee incredible jazz vocalist Tierney Sutton!  


Recording an album is a big challenge for an independent artist like myself, both artistically and financially. Especially nowadays, as we are all going through difficult times due to the global COVID-19 pandemic, many artists including myself have lost our sources of revenue from public performances, live shows and concerts. It is very important for us to stay engaged with our audiences and to continue creating valuable content. As long as I’ve been working hard to take care of artistic part (developing musical ideas, composing, arranging, finding the right musicians, rehearsing and recording the music), this project still needs help with financial part, so it will be possible for me to cover all the expenses involved the process, such as renting a recording studio, paying to musicians and engineers, mixing, mastering, CD manufacturing, publicity and distribution. Every little will help and I will very appreciate your support!

By contributing to this project, you are not only helping to bring more positivity and love to the world through the art, but you will also receive a FREE COPY of the album (please fill out your details here) as my thank you!

Ways to donate:

1.   Paypal, Credit or Debit Card

2.   Venmo @Igor-Kogan

3.   Zelle to

Thank you for your support!


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